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Factory-Fresh Forging Solutions for Your Business Growth Anywhere Anytime

Dive into a world where superior quality, innovation, and precision rule the roost. Welcome to Haoxinan Manufacturer, where we mould raw potential into exceptional outcomes.

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Unleashing Potential: The Power of Customized Forging

Your vision shapes our craft at Haoxinan. Every custom product we forge is a testament to your brand’s unique needs and aspirations. Unleash your potential with us!

Construction Machinery
Construction Machinery Parts

Forging ahead in construction innovation - high-quality, custom-built parts designed for unmatched resilience and peak operational performance.

Agricultural Machinery
Argricultural Machinery Parts

Cultivating success with custom-forged agricultural parts - Engineered for longevity, efficiency, and elevating your farming productivity.

other OEM
Any kinds of OEM field

Simply provide your designs, and watch us bring them to life. Our OEM services know no industry boundaries - if you need it, we forge it.

Unmatched quality and top-tier customer service

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Get the fast feedback because we have the design apartment which can give the fast feedback on your drawing.


Do not worry about your products because so many kinds of inspection equipment in the whole production


Just make the order and you will get the whole order progress almost every 3-5 days, everything will be on your hand and feel it at ease.


Not just make your business smoothly, but also do not worry about your drawing leak.

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Fast Feedback and Professional & Reliable Customized Service.



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How we produce for you

lost wax casting flow

The production includes fixtured grinding, Wax Injection, Wax Pattern Tree, Shell Making, Dewax, Pouring, Shell Removal, Sprue Cutting etc.

forging flow

This production includes shearing, heating, die forging, trimming, shot blasting etc.

Machinning Facility

The CNC machining facility includes CNC Machining Center, CNC Lathe Machine, CNC Drilling Machine, Vertical Miller, CNC Milling Machine etc.

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Discover the experiences of our esteemed partners and see why we’re the trusted name in custom forging solutions

Frequently Ask Questions

We believe in providing solutions tailored to your unique needs. That’s why our dedicated team of experts works closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver customized forging products that perfectly match your specifications.

Our extensive network, logistics expertise, and streamlined operations allow us to deliver products promptly. We understand the value of time in your business and commit to uphold our delivery timelines stringently.

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure top-of-the-line output. We leverage the latest advancements in the forging industry to offer products that are a testament to innovation and superior craftsmanship.

Free Drawing Solution

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Free Drawing Solution

After understanding the requirements, we will let our engineers help you to provide a completely free solution including design drawings

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